If you want to be successful make your bed

Work hard and have a good attitude

Do the job no one wants to do

Clean toilets like your saving lives

It’s the small steps that get you to the top


In my 21 years of experience in addiction and recovery, I have learned no
greater lesson, this has become our golden rule, and we call it popcorn success.


We have discovered a proven process in the frame work of
addiction and recovery and it goes similar to this:


I won’t do it

I can’t do it

I want to do it

How do I do it

I will try to do it

I can do it

I will do it

Yes, I did it


And this happens before they start the first day in any recovery program.


Our focus is in 3 areas of pre-recovery





OUR Vision and identity


Redefine recovery by being leaders and innovating the pre-recovery process


Be a third-party recovery resource from A-to-Z from intervention to the mission fields


Have a proven process and sound philosophy


How it all stared


Bearded Brotherhood stand

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